CR038 - xconsumetosatisfyx - "Self​-​titled"

by xconsumetosatisfyx

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released June 22, 2018


all rights reserved



Catalyst Records Indianapolis

Record label based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Still vegan. Still straight edge.

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Track Name: Iniquity
convenience cuts on the hands of good intentions
vain blood bleeds out the wounds of hellish vivisection
still you plea for me to give you understanding
still they scream, your excuses are bullshit propaganda
humane, insane, dying, remains
how can death be humane
how’d you like a bullet in your brain
steel rod, cold flesh
the hands of man are merciless
knife to your throat, listless
drag it across, end this
bleed, bleed this world dry
the death of it all in vain
cleanse and burn until it’s nothing
until it’s nothing
endless pain, death in vain
kill to live, suffering
vengeance is all that surrounds me
in a world of compromise
i compromise to no one
deliver me from this sickness
Track Name: The Play of Life
pray for rain while wanting to drown
wanting, wanting
i’ve become numb to my own loss
razor blades slit my wrists
unable to feel these cuts
razor blades guard my heel
unable to let myself heal
these wings are just a prop
these wings will get me no where
how many times can this porcelain heart shatter
the pieces can be rearranged
but the cracks remain forever
weaker and weaker each time
soon i’ll lose the strength it takes
to put myself back together
the repetition of life has exhausted me into a character in a play
i’ve acted out of my own heart
and my own heart has acted out the parts
opening, love, betrayal, closing
curtain call with no standing ovation
the play is over, the cast is silent
Track Name: Plea of Contrition
conviction-less, weakness, coward
suffer your hand of fate
pressured to break
broken pieces of fractured self
glass mirror image, used to cut
glass mirror pieces
a reflection of who you once were
used to cut and bleed dry
all your convictions broken
is this what you want
is this who you are
bleed your statement
bleed your promises
use your broken mirrored self
to atone this bloodlust
blood taken in compensation
for the blood i have wasted on you
suffer eternal burning regression
scream your plea of contrition
hate deafens my ears
i will never hear the screams
this world begs me to hear
forever convicted to this straight edge drug free proclamation
forever convicted scream your plea of contrition
Track Name: Sacrifice
when the flame of righteousness burns out, the shadows dance in shamelessness
i denounce the fortune of a blind eye
i will suffer with this world
suffer with the innocence cast into my mind
suffer in this silence as i have lost my voice
scream for retribution but no one can comprehend
death in reverence, no one would understand
sacrifice myself for my beliefs
a final leaf, from a dying tree

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