CR029 - Contend - "In Contempt"

by Contempt

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released April 19, 2019


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Catalyst Records Indianapolis

Record label based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Still vegan. Still straight edge.

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Track Name: Silent Subjection
Indoctrinated from birth. Enculturated, made to believe we're inferior. A difference in anatomy merits blatant disrespect, and perception of behavioral standards I will never meet.
A lifetime of servitude, which many have accepted and endured, exists only because this society refuses to rethink these oppressive values.
Traditions handed down by a fascist god.
Although male privilege will not be overlooked, it was perceived gender that created this segregation, and this struggle is not sex specific.
Every thinking, feeling individual: unite to tear down these walls that allow misogyny and indifference to infiltrate our lives.
Let nothing hold us back. Deconstruct all that isolates and discriminates. No solution will come from exclusion.
Track Name: Absolution
Alone and unheard
Replayed every moment, retraced every step- finding fault, finding mistakes.
You have become incapable of feeling at ease, unable to trust anyone but yourself. Enveloped by undeserved shame, unable to stomach your reflection.
Buried in your eyes, I can see your pain as I have seen it in my own.
Unnoticed anguish fills your words, your cries fall on deaf ears. Shadows of secrecy looming overhead constantly. Ready to collapse under the pressure. You are consumed by grief, insatiable rage, but you are not alone.
Be not afraid. Don't let your life be shrouded by this fear of society's passing of judgement you've been forced to endure.
These crippling thoughts of failure must now be overcome.
For the restoration of your self, we will stand as one.
This is not your fault, and you are not alone.
Track Name: Reprisal
Held captive until her mind is numb
Tortured until her body breaks
Her carcass lay mutilated
Cast aside as were her sisters
While their eyes were plastered open
We looked the other way
Complacent, apathetic, we look the other way
This is not science, this is fraud
In the name of convenience
A complete disregard for the lives they have taken
For the lies they have told
The rape, the murder, ceaseless torture cannot be ignored
Their agony is undeniable yet no one is held accountable
We have the means to end their suffering
The people responsible (with names, homes, cars) walk alone as in untouchable
Amongst us without fear
These people walk alone
Amongst us ill-prepared
We must cry out for the voiceless
We must act out for the enslaved
We must ignite this revolution
Until every cage is empty, we must not rest
No compromise
Track Name: In Contempt
You spend your life in subservience. In dedication to stagnation, and ignorance. Your willful sedation fills me with grief. Blind acceptance of this culture's submissive beliefs.
I have found liberation, a life free of intoxication.
Seeking revolution, I will keep my mind clear. Refusing the traditions to which you've been conditioned. Breaking free of your repressive norm.
I will stand against the crowd even if I have to stand alone.
I will remain a threat. Vegan Straight Edge.
Do not confuse my dedication with self-righteousness.
Do not assume that my passion will fade away with time.
Do not doubt my ability to combat apathy.
I will use my mind's clarity as a weapon, remaining a threat.

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